Why Handy Spa ???

Why using the handmade organic soaps and cosmetics HANDY SPA?

The answer is "why not” it offers only benefits!!!!

This soaps and cosmetics are unlike any other for the following reasons:

Almost 100% Organic components: The handmade organic and cosmetics HANDY SPA, consists of almost 100% organic ingredients without any chemical - toxic or toxic dyes, perfumes and preservatives. There is no animal testing or animal ingredients used for its manufacture.  

Therefore with the use there is highly reduction of chemical-toxic products that are harmful both to the environment and our health.

Research: The handmade organic soap and cosmetics HANDY SPA, is produced based on a sophisticated formula (based on ancient recipes of Indian Apache) which is the result of three years of research and study by a specialized team of collaborators led by Andreas D. Ioannou.

All products are dermatologically tested, certified and notified in the notification portal of the European Union Cosmetics Products - CPNP.

Innovation: The handmade organic soaps and cosmetics HANDY SPA encompasses an innovative and pioneering methodology. It promotes the idea of a natural and healthy life which resists multinational mutant, toxic and supposedly "natural" products and carves a new path in the Cyprus and in the global market.

Biodegradable: The handmade organics soaps and cosmetics HANDY SPA, is biodegradable. Contains 100% organic ingredients that biodegrade completely without causing a devastating impact on the environment and our health. Unlike unnatural-manufactured soaps and cosmetics containing chemical - toxic components after use, to the aquatic environment, contaminating the aquifer, (hence the animals plants, trees and fish) and deplete biodiversity.

Eco-Vegan-Cruelty Free: The handmade organic soaps and cosmetics HANDY SPA, is a perfectly organic ecological product that helps improve and maintain psychosomatic health [A healthy mind in healthy body]. With the exclusive use, replace a bunch of "special" supposedly products with strange chemicals, and toxic ingredients that are absorbed by the body, accumulate in our bodies and breathe with vapor formed in the bath. Therefore its use has a double benefit. Also, none of our products are tested on animals or uses animal derived raw material.

Budget: The handmade organic soaps and cosmetics HANDY SPA, are economic because it lasts longer. Also if you only use the handmade soaps from the wide range HANDY SPA there is no need to buy any shower gel or shampoo or hair cream or liquid soap for hands, or foam for shaving or baby shampoo and shampoo for your dog, or cream and body scrub, or tightening mask or washing powder or cleaning pad again. These have already replaced all.

Workshop: The handmade organic soaps and cosmetics HANDY SPA, are produced in a suitably shaped workshop, which implements all regulations, specifications and standards of the European Union concerning the quality and safety of products.

Handmade: The expertise of handmade organic soap and cosmetics HANDY SPA, is the marriage of art and science. Produced from beginning to end entirely by hand. Although manually produced, the first and the only one who is in direct human contact with the soap is the consumer, because in all stages of production, the producer is wearing protective gloves.

Cold Method: The handmade organic soap and cosmetics HANDY SPA, is produced by "cold" method. This is produced at room temperature without warming the ingredients (as it is done in the factory soap industry). So all the beneficial properties are kept intact, giving us their benefits to the fullest extent. Also the cold method in its application produces no wastes, thus causing no damage to the environment, and no pollution to the atmosphere.

Glycerin: The handmade organic soap and cosmetics HANDY SPA, is rich in glycerin. By "cold" method glycerin is generated which remains in the soap (not removed by boiling or salt, as is done with the stock soap industry). The Glycerin is a substance that gives the skin and hair a hydration, nourishment and oiliness. In other words is the soul of handmade natural soap.

Unique and alive: Each handmade organic soap and cosmetics HANDY SPA, produced is unique and alive. The natural ingredients (e.g. organic essential oils and herbs) include within them all the vitality of nature. Also includes the positive energy of the producer who creates it with love, which is pumped from the aura and newly added to the mixture at the time of production.

Maturation: The handmade organic soap and cosmetics HANDY SPA, when cast in the mold is left for 48 hours to "settle" in a dark room. Then out of the mold is cut and placed in a special room with natural ventilation and low humidity for 6-8 weeks in order to expel moisture and achieve maturity. Curing is necessary for the soap to acquire its useful properties to the maximum.

Wrapping - Packing: Each plate of handmade organic soap and cosmetics, HANDY SPA, is packaged in recyclable box after wrapped in special paper which is suitable and safe for food wrapping, and does not contain substances that may pose a risk to human health. It also has high resistance to high temperatures, and protects the soap from dust, microbes and other external factors (heat, humidity, etc.).

Cyprus: The handmade organic soaps and cosmetics, HANDY SPA, are a Cyprus product. It gives out the smell of the village, Tembria Solea.

Organic Hemp Oil: The "liquid gold".

Since ancient times hemp oil is a concentrated form of energy and health. Protects against many diseases and contributes to improved health. The Hippocratic Code refers to use in skin diseases with strong antioxidant and moisturizing properties. It is also rich in Omega 3-6.

Organic Aloe Vera: The "Green gold".

No wonder the Indian name means "plant of Life". It is very rich in antioxidants, which penetrate into the deeper layers, protecting the skin from free radical generation. It is absorbed easily by the skin, removing dead surface cells, leaving skin smooth, soft and bright.

Water Reverse Osmosis: The "pure gold".

Pure as the water source. The reverse osmosis filtration system can filter rust, harmful minerals, chemicals, fluorine, chlorine, salts, bacteria, parasites, microorganisms, lead, asbestos, chemical pollution, etc.The water after filtering except for making soaps, is perfectly suitable for drinking.



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