Perfect Body

For a healthy and attractive body, use the handmade organic Handy Spa soaps, Body Love and Fresh.

Body Love Soap is enriched with mandarin essential oil that helps in fat burning and eliminates cellulite and stretch marks while at the same time improve circulation of blood and lymph. The poppy seeds found in Body Love Soap offer a natural face and body exfoliation by removing the dead cells. With their calming properties they leave the skin soft and smooth. At the same time, olive oil offers deep hydration and cleansing.

The Wild Spearmint found in Fresh Soap helps in promoting skin tightening and makes the skin looks glow while providing a sense of freshness. As with the Body Love Soap , the poppy seeds offer a natural face and body exfoliation by removing the dead cells while their calming properties leave the skin soft and smooth.

Open the Body Love or Fresh handmade organic Handy Spa Soap. Smell it and fill yourself with love energy for your body. Rub the soap on your whole body to create a rich natural foam from coconut oil. Close your eyes and leave the foam on your body and face for 1-2 minutes (if you want you can use the foam on your hair). Rinse well with water and dry. You may repeat the procedure once again if you wish.

Then, apply liberally Aloe Vera Natural Gel 99% on your body. The healing properties of the Aloe Vera Natural Gel will make your skin smooth and will provide relief from any skin irritations.We hope you enjoy your perfect body magic shower with a 100% Handmade Organic Handy Spa soap with no toxic substances.



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