Customer Reviews

All of us at HANDY SPA are committed to delivering excellent customer service and ultimate convenience for each and every one of our customers. Here you will find some of the feedback and comments we have received from our customers.

Georgina Karekla – Chemist

Excellent quality at a very good price!

Valanto Chimonidou – Nursing Officer


Gregoris Stavrou – Clinical Educator

Really fantastic top quality soaps that lasts for long. These soaps are far much better than the common aromatic soaps and they do much more good than bad to the skin

Eleonora Christofi – Beauty consultant

PERFECT!!!! Simply just try them!! For a clean and bright skin … use ONLY HANDY SPA SOAPS …By the frequent daily use, my face became brighter and healthier.. !! Give it a try and you will be convinced.

Elena Maragou – Customer

HANDY SPA means The perfect soap for an ultimate bath!

George Michael – Customer

I trust HANDY SPA with my eyes closed because I totally agreed with their philosophy: LOVE ANIMALS, THE ENVIRONMENT AND HUMAN HEALTH.

Mariana Georgiou – Pharmacist

Incredible and unique products with organic therapeutic ingredients without toxic and dangerous ingredients. Irreplaceable!!!

Ioanna Pappa – Journalist

Handmade and organic products: The strongest combination for quality!!!

Yiota Petrou – Nursery school teacher

The HANDY SPA products are the best products forour own health and espcecilly for the health of our children. We use them in our Nursery school because we trust them!!!

Maria Andreou – Beautician

The top quality cosmetics and therapeutic products at the lowest price and with free delivery to your door. This is exactly what every happy woman needs today.

Your comments and feedbacks are very important to us! If you’d like to send us your own comments, we’d love to hear from you. Simply get in touch with us here and let us know what do you think!

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