Our History

HANDY SPA is a privately held company located in Nicosia – Cyprus, established by life coach and well-known author Mr. Andreas D. Ioannou in 2010, after allergic skin problems he had from using soaps that contain toxic substances. The company started informally in 2005 with a group of friends making handmade organic soaps for friends and family. Then with the word of mouth, people started to recognize them and wanted to use them and by 2010 we decided to really focus on the production. After 3 years of research and with the help of specialised scientists with the main target to reach the highest quality possible, we managed to create HANDY SPA in 2014, the first (with its UNIQUE Formula) licensed workshop in EUROPE that produces 100% organic handmade soap.

HANDY SPA Company is involved in the production and trade of 100% pure natural handmade soaps and cosmetics. All our products are handmade using the Cold Process Method and using 100% organic top quality raw materials without chemical and toxic additives, perfumes and colours and mature naturally.

All our products are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, certified and reported to the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal of the European Union – (CPNP). Each of our products is made following consultation from specialised scientists, such as Dermatologists, Pathologists, Food Technologists – Agronomists, Botanists and Chemical Analysts. All ingredients used in the production of the soaps are 100% natural with NO parabens, NO sulphates, NO artificial colours, NO artificial fragrances, NO petrochemicals, Cruelty-Free and they are sourced sustainably. Our products are available in selected pharmacies and organic stores.

They are recommended by Paediatricians, Dermatologists and Pharmacists.

All HANDY SPA Products have been awarder by European Quality GPP Award in 2017.

* For more information about the Founder's life and career, please visit his personal website here.

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