75% of Sunscreens Are Toxic: See How to Replace Them

Millions of people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year, despite constant updating and use of sunscreens. And as the time to start exposing our skin more and more to the sun's rays is approaching, it makes sense for us to be more and more concerned with this issue.

Did you know that the findings of 4 different studies conducted in the 1990s, showed that people who used larger amounts of sunscreen were more likely to develop malignant melanoma? Do you know why?

Because Sunscreen Products Are Toxic

Caution! We do not say do not use sunscreen. Instead, you should use certified organic sunscreens. But first, it's good to know the dangers of conventional sunscreens.

The International Environmental Working Group (EWG) conducted a very interesting study in 2014 with guidelines for the safe use of sunscreen. They tested the ingredients of 2000 sunscreens made by more than 257 different companies. They found that 75% of these sunscreens contained toxic chemicals that could increase the risk of cancer or other health problems.

The Dangers Of Conventional Sunscreen

EWG research has revealed that some components of sunscreen are absorbed into the bloodstream and some of them are toxic. Some release free radicals that damage the skin, others act as estrogen and block the action of certain hormones, and some cause skin irritations or allergic outbursts.

Chemical elements widely used in the sunscreen industry (such as oxybenzone and methoxycinnamate) have been repeatedly associated with cancer. Remember that it is good to know what everything you use in your body contains, either internally as a food item or externally. If the sunscreen you are using is not certified organic, it is a good idea to get rid of it as soon as possible.

How To Protect Your Skin

If you want to use sunscreen for extra protection, prefer organic Handy Spa sunscreens. Free from any toxic substances, they can be properly combined with natural solutions against sunlight, as they allow you to go out in the sun without the fear of a sunburn.

Do you want beautiful and healthy skin this summer? Do the following:

  1. Expose your body to the sun for about 20 minutes a day
  2. Cover your body with light clothes before burning
  3. Use organic Handy Spa sunscreen (https://handyspacyprus.com/product/sunscreen-fluid-spf50-high-protection)
  4. Adopt a diet rich in antioxidants that protect your skin
  5. If you burn, use the Organic Handy Spa Body Lotion on your skin (https://handyspacyprus.com/product/moisture-body-lotion-with-rosehip-oil-and-hemp-seed-oil)

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